Digital media
Black & White
Running time: 5 mins, 18secs
Strait Street known to British servicemen as ‘the gut’ was Malta’s notorious red light district up until the early 1970’s. A choice destination for drunken sailors when the street sprung into life in the long hours of darkness. Barmaids would lean on doorways touting for business, musicians, entertainers and prostitutes would spill from every bar, decorative lights would be switched on and the tawdriness of the environment was masked by a sense of liberated jollity.
Producer: Andrew Whiston
Production Company: A+ Academy Films
Commissioner: Zoe Wolff

Cast: Ira Melkonyan with Lisa Elle, Bobby Waterson, Stephen Ingham, Andy Bang, Harry Bohay-Nowell

DoP: Ali Tollervey
Camera Operators: Adrian Abela, Bettina Hutsheck, Martin Bonnici

Location: Valletta, Malta
Shoot: August 2012

Soundtrack: ‘Anna Minor’ by Dark Horses

Research: Emma Mattei, Sandra Banthorpe
Editor & Sound Design: Leila Sarraf @ Trim
TK: Tom Russell @ Prime Focus

Dedication: Margaret