Alexis Korner, who was also around in the formative stages of the Rolling Stones, recalls how Brian Jones was so vital to the band, ‘because he had more edge to him than any of the others’. Brian was the threat onstage, ‘he was the nasty one. I mean the whole nasty image of the Stones really started with Brian, not Mick. Because Brian was a bitch! You know, if you were talking of winning over audiences. That wasn’t Brian’s attitude, You broke an audience. Or the audience broke you. That was Brian’s attitude. And he went out to needle people, to get them up, to really arouse them, so they really responded, He could be really evil onstage, Brian. You’d see him dancing forward with a tambourine and snapping it in your face and sticking his tongue out at you, In a nasty way, not a schoolboyish way. And then he’d move back before you actually took a punch at him.’
Pg 77, Performance, a biog of the classic 60’s film


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